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Crochet Braids Styles: Everything You Need to Know

There are many reasons Crochet Braids are getting so much popular. This popular 90s hairstyle has given us a real hard comeback, and people love it for sure. Although the hairstyle has come back, it looks different and spooky from its original iteration. You probably mistake crochet braids for the natural hair of somebody, which is one of the reasons we’re great admirers of the style. If you want to get on the crochet craze, here’s what you need to know about this trendy hairdo.

crochet braids

What are Crochet Braids?

Crochet braid is drive from the crochet art method. In the 16th century, this method began to make different goods and clothes in the household. The phrase “small hook” is a French word because a bit of crochet hook is a crucial tool for the style of art. While the manner and form of art are different, the notion is quite similar. The individual who discovered this hairstyle is unknown. Today the crochet hairstyle we use has initially been recognized in the 1990s as the Latch hook method. In 2010 the contemporary made a promising comeback.

Although we mention crochet braids, as if they relate to the hair itself, we speak about the way we add the hair. Crochet braiding is a means to put extensions in the hair. Like a weave, the foundation of the procedure is to cornet the hair first, then use the wings to the cornrows. But, unlike weave extensions, the hair used to make this hairstyle is loos and not very much weft. Instead of sewing, crochet hair is somehow put with a crochet needle (basically a hook) beneath the cornrows and secured in a type of knot.

Crochet braids are kind of twisted weaves but with significant variations. While they both corn the base of the scalp, the techniques, and type of hair are different in their installation. Crochet braid may be the hairstyle term, but the word tells more of the hair-installation process.

Types of Crochet Braids 

Crochet hairstyles are an excellent safe choice for any hair type and length. This includes hair that is loose, natural, pressed, and transitional. Transitioners, in particular, might love crochet hairstyles since they provide you relief from two contrasting textures while your hair grows. It can also give the ladies a sense of how natural hair might appear if that was an ultimate aim.

Are you looking for the best Crochet braids Styles for 2021? There are many different popular types of this hairstyle. Let’s discuss some of them down below.

Water Waves:

Water waves offer you the natural look of large hair, but with lots of curls

Faux Locs:

Faux Locs is a trendy hairstyle in 2021 to try on. However, it is suitable for those women who don’t want their hair to get locked in getting this hairstyle.

Crochet Box Braids:

This hairstyle is handy for those ladies who don’t want to wait hours to fix their hairstyle. If you’re going to get Crochet Box Braids, you can buy the pre-braided hair extensions to get a definite look.

Crochet Braids Patterns:

Many individuals wonder what kind of crochet design they want to use. There are several distinct patterns, but the one you really should care for is behind the whole thing. It’s the most outstanding technique to braid your hair. However, you may find that it helps to make the front two times as large as the rear. So, for example, there are ten cornrows in your head’s front, which fuse into five cornrows in the 12 that merge into six.

Crochet Braids Pros and Cons:

Crochet Braids are very trending right now. Every woman is trying to get her hands on this hairstyle to get trendy with the fashion. But we must tell you that every hairstyle has its own merits and demerits. So let’s explore the dynamics of this hairstyle.


  • This type of Crochet braid is cheap. Sew-ins with human hair extensions can be costly. At a time, the installation charges might be expensive for twists and braids. Crochet braids are beneficial if you financially pinch yourself but want to rebuild these designs still. The average cost of this type of braid is $100.
  • Crochet braids are a quicker method to get other preferred styles of protection. You could like the sewings, twists, and braids kind, but it isn’t sufficient enough to accomplish the hairstyles. Crochet braids cut these hairstyles’ installation time to half.


  • Crochet braids may look quite heavy and odd. Nevertheless, they are a fantastic choice to replicate your favorite trends rapidly. However, hairstyles might seem less natural than the original hairstyles.
  • Crochet braids make it harder to moisturize and wash your hair. If you want to wash your hair while it is safe, this hairstyle will make it harder to reach your hair. In addition, this style is typical with synthetic hair that might disrupt by washing your hair.

Crochet style

Benefits of Crochet Braids – Taking care of them

Crochet braid is usually easy to maintain and a fantastic technique to protect your hair against excessive style and exposure to heat. This technique might be beneficial for people who are leaving their relaxers. Our hairstylists share some of the significant benefits, noting that “they are quick to install, simple to handle, and usually cheap.”

This is particularly significant when compared with the extensions of human hair. The design is simple, easy, and open, allowing easy washing of your scalp.” The technique at home is straightforward and is hugely cheaper than the traditional hair extension services that the saloons are providing in the market.

Crochet braids may last for 2 to 8 weeks, based on how well you take care of them. But the suggested period is usually four weeks. If you intend to wear crochet braids for a long duration, it’s your best option to have a firm curled texture because it takes longer for the curls to loosen and get frizzy.

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