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How to Choose A Wig: 3 Steps To Find The Perfect One

Choosing a wig can be confusing for some people, especially if they are new to the process. But there is no need to worry; not anymore! This article will help make your decision easier with 3 steps you can follow. We’ll discuss things like hair type, color and length before finally outlining what you should do when it’s time to purchase your wig!

a wig

1. Determine your hair type

The texture of the wig should match your own.

Wigs are available in synthetic, human and blend forms. Choose based on personal preference! Humans wigs look more realistic while blends tend to be less expensive but still beautiful options!

Synthetic fibers have a shinier appearance that can appear cheap or unnatural looking if not chosen carefully. If you do select one, go for long layers with lots of volume. This will help create natural movement even when it’s made from an artificial fiber! Be sure to use styling products just as you would on your real hair too! That way, it’ll hold up much better throughout everyday wear by adding moisture back into the cuticles before they become damaged.

Human hair wigs tend to be the best and most realistic looking option overall, especially if you choose one with monofilament construction like our bob style here . Monofilament means that it’s made from a single weft of material (usually poly or nylon) which is thinner than traditional wefts but also more lightweight and natural feeling against your head. It can prevent certain types of headaches too by reducing pressure points! This makes them great for everyday wear – just remember to get them professionally cleaned every few months so they continue to look their very best!

2. Choose a color

Matching your skin tone is important but it can be difficult to determine what yours actually is! Instead, choose the shade closest in warmth and coolness for a good match no matter what you think your correct undertones may be. – If you want one that’s going to blend into your own hair even further then go with something slightly darker or lighter depending on how dark or light you are naturally. You never want them to stand out too much from each other because this will make people question whether they’re natural looking enough which defeats their entire purpose!

right color

It’s also best if you stick within three shades of either side just so everything looks natural without being too overwhelming on anyone who sees you wearing them! This shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish though with all the options available today.

To prevent your wig from fading over time, never wash it in hot water! Doing so can damage the fibers and make them appear much older than they actually are. Instead, use lukewarm or even cold water for washing

Especially if you have a human hair option like this one here ! You should also go with tepid water when styling these types of wigs. Just remember that using shampoo on synthetic varieties is completely fine but only do so once every two weeks at most because frequent exposure to regular shampoos will cause human hair ones to lose their natural sheen which makes them look dull over time!

3. Choose the length

Just like your own hair, a wig can be as long or short as you want it to be! If you’re thinking of growing out your natural locks then this is an important step for you too because it’ll help determine how much time and money goes into making them look their best.

For those who already know they aren’t going to grow theirs any longer than shoulder length then choosing something that falls just below the shoulders will give off more of a chic and sexy vibe overall! The material itself shouldn’t matter here since both work great with shorter waves and curls.

If you prefer a wig that’s going to look natural and grow with your own hair then go for one that falls just below the chin! This will give off a more mature appearance overall which is great if this is what you’re going for without sacrificing too much of the style in doing so.

perfect length

Longer wigs tend to be another good option because they can add volume when pinned up or styled down, especially when paired with curling irons or hot rollers . They also make it easier for people who lack confidence in their own hairstyling skills by covering up any mistakes made along the way since there are fewer things visible from underneath them aside from your face! It’s important not to choose something too long though because these can become really heavy after a while which makes it hard to maintain the style. So always keep your comfort in mind when making this decision!

a) Final length

The final length that’s available is mid-length styles like this one . These are ideal for those who want something more versatile than long wigs but already have plenty of volume on their own without needing any extra help from clip ins or other styling techniques. This particular option falls right at the collarbone and ends up being perfect for almost everyone out there because you get all of its benefits with none of anything negative associated with them! It’s also great if you need something shorter since it won’t take much for anyone to cut off some excess material themselves rather easily too.


The perfect wig should be the right style, color, and length for your head. It’s also important to choose a high-quality synthetic fiber that looks natural from any angle. If you follow these three steps carefully when shopping for a new wig or toupee, you will find one that fits perfectly and is easy to care for! What other tips do you have on how to find the perfect wig? Let us know in the comments below!

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