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12 Tips to Take Care of Your Skin in the Winter

Winter is an especially rough time for people with sensitive skin. The cold, dry air can wreak havoc on your skin and cause it to become red, dry, or cracked. Protecting your skin this winter doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated – there are many easy ways that you can take care of your skin in the winter. This post will provide 12 tips on how to protect your sensitive skin this winter!

skin care

1. Take a shower every day

This is an especially important tip for people with dry skin, as taking a long hot shower can really help to hydrate your skin and make it feel better. Because cold winter air tends to be very drying on the skin , you should always take a warm or hot shower before going outside in order to lock in moisture! At night, avoid washing your face twice – this will remove natural oils from your face that moisturize it while you sleep! Washing too much also strips away any protective barriers that are naturally produced by our bodies which prevent water loss through evaporation. For these reasons, only wash up once at night! In addition, if you have sensitive skin, try not to use harsh products, like body wash or hand soap. These products can irritate your skin and cause it to dry out more than usual!

2. Remove your makeup before you go to sleep

This is especially important for people with sensitive skin, as there are many harsh chemicals in cosmetics that can irritate the face and cause it to dry out more than usual! If you do not take off your make up at night, this could result in clogged pores or acne . It’s also a good idea to avoid using lip balm on your lips every day – try only applying it once per day (at bedtime) instead of multiple times throughout the course of the day. This will help prevent chapped lips !

3. Carry a water bottle with you to drink throughout the day

This is especially important for people who are constantly on the go – remember that it is easy to become dehydrated when temperatures are low , so make sure not to forget your water bottle! This will also help keep your skin hydrated .

4. Keep your hands moisturized

If you are constantly using hand sanitizer, you might experience dry skin on your palms and knuckles – this can be especially problematic for people who work with their hands (e.g., engineers, architects). Try to avoid washing your hands too often throughout the day – not only will this reduce exposure to harsh chemicals which can irritate sensitive skin , but it will also help keep your face hydrated ! If you do need to wash up, make sure that you apply lotion or cream afterwards! This is especially important if you have very rough or cracked skin . It’s generally a good idea to use creams instead of lotions as they tend stay on longer than other products!

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5. Eat a well-balanced diet

A healthy, balanced diet will help your body produce protective oils that can keep your skin hydrated and protected this winter! Try to include plenty of omega fatty acids in you meal plans . These are especially important for people with dry or flaky skin !

6. Keep your skin dry

Be sure to blot excess moisture from your skin, especially after you have washed it! This will help protect the natural oils on your face that are helpful in keeping it hydrated . If you use a towel to dry off, make sure not to rub too vigorously – this can remove these protective oils ! Also try patting rather than rubbing when drying yourself with a towel. Finally, remember that even though cold air is very drying , heaters also cause the air inside of homes and offices become extremely dry as well! Try putting out pots of water near heating vents or fireplaces so that humidity levels don’t drop too low during winter months!

7. Avoid too much alcohol

Alcohol can be very dehydrating , which is the last thing you need when it’s already cold outside! If possible, try to avoid drinking too much alcohol during winter months – or at least make sure that you are staying hydrated ! Drinking water in between alcoholic beverages will help keep your body well-hydrated .

8. Take extra care of yourself after exercising on a really cold day

If you go for a run or work out outside on an especially frigid day, take extra good care of your skin afterwards! You don’t want to risk getting frostbite – this could result in permanent damage and scarring . When returning home from any outdoor activity, dry off with warm, not hot, water. Then apply moisturizer to your skin!

9. Exfoliate regularly

It’s a good idea to exfoliate your skin at least once per week during winter months! This will help remove the dry, flaky skin that accumulates on your face and body as you spend more time inside . It also helps protect against environmental irritants such as cigarette smoke or harsh fumes from cleaning products. If you don’t have any store-bought scrubs available, try mixing sugar or salt with oil (e.g., olive oil) – this makes an excellent homemade scrub!

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10. Use lip balm

Lip balms are an excellent way to rehydrate your lips during winter months! Again, avoid using chapstick or other products that contain harsh chemicals – these can irritate sensitive skin ! Instead, look for a natural lip moisturizer with ingredients like beeswax and coconut oil . Try making your own at home if you’re feeling crafty!

11. Avoid touching eyes after applying makeup

Makeup is one of the leading causes of eye irritation in women , so make sure not to touch them after putting on any cosmetics (especially mascara). Always wash hands before attempting contact with the delicate skin around your eyes. Try using a cotton ball or Q-tip to apply makeup, as these will avoid coming into contact with the skin around your eyes .

12. Avoid too much sun exposure year round

Part of taking care of you skin is protecting it from damage that can arise through regular day to day activities such as going outside without sunscreen on during summer months and spending time in tanning beds . These are both leading causes of premature aging which makes make sure not go out with bare face by any means! In addition, avoiding excess UV rays now can help slow down signs of aging later! And finally… wear sunglasses when necessary! Many people underestimate how important they really are – especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors where the sun is at full force.


12 Tips to Take Care of Your Skin in the Winter. You may have heard that winter is rough on your skin, but you can take proactive steps to keep it healthy and glowing through all four seasons. Here are some tips for taking care of your skin this season!

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