Box braids

Why are Box Braids so much popular? Top Box braids hairstyles to try

Do you think you know all about box braids?  Just think one more time again. This is a mainstay of any dark girl’s quiver. Do you think you all know about box braids? Think again. Think again. This is a mainstay of any dark girl’s quake, but it is always something that lets you know about this timeless style, no matter how pro or a braid newbie you are. We are here to give you the best guideline on Boc Braids.

So, without ado further ado, let’s get started.

What are Box Braids?

The box braids are three-stranded tights for those who are uninformed. They are not too different from ordinary braids but better defined since the tension on the plat is sufficient to avoid fly-outs. And as opposed to ornaments, the braids boxes are not braided very flat on your scalp. Instead, the hair is divided into precisely formed squares (or boxes) all over the scalp and twisted all its length to the heart’s content. Many natural and relaxed heads choose extensions to get more distance, volume, and safety.

Not only are these braids a go-to for ladies to have a break from hair-play, but box braids are also recognized in the natural hair world as a protective style. In brief, protective styling is an alternative that protects your ends and your hair from external conditions, heat styling, clothing friction, and any other causes of harm or breakage for your hair.

Box braids

Why are Box Braids so much popular?

There are many reasons why this flowing Style has become so much popular in 2021. It’s all about this year, keeping you safe without impeding personal progress. The hairstyle is trendy because:

  • Bix braids give a very natural look rather than other hairstyles.
  • The installations process of braids is less painful.
  • After getting braids, there is a very minimal risk of hair loss and damage. Knotless Box Braids minimize the risk as there is less stress on the scalp.
  • There are many styling options to choose from, and most importantly, Box Braids are low maintenance.

How to do Box Braids?

We all love box braids. Don’t we? However, before you live out your fantasy box braids, you need to know a few things before going to the salon, such as the time required to make them work and how to look after your hair while you’ve got them. We have sorted out all the relevant information down below in key points. So let’s have a look.

Large box braids

Know you Style:

Before starting the actual process, make sure that you know your Style and how long you want your braids to be. Consider your stylist’s kind of hair that he uses as well. Kanekalon is the one that is widely used by braiders. It’s softer, won’t itch, and appears more honest and natural than other synthetic hair.

Prepare yourself and book an appointment:

The process takes 6 to 8 hours approximately. Book your appointment as soon as you make up your mind. So, prepare mentally and physically for yourself. Bring a book, do a little work, add a few episodes to your queue on Netflix, because basically, you’ll spend most of the day at the salon. Of course, according to the size of the braid and how quickly the stylist works, the precise time will vary.

When the braids are in:

Once the braids are in, you head will hurt for few days. This is unavoidable and comes with the territory when your scalp is full of fake hair. In a few weeks, the discomfort should fade. If it doesn’t, think about getting your braids loosened a bit by your hairdresser.

Top Box braids hairstyles to try

This iconic Style appears to change every season; therefore, we have rolled out the best categories for a fast explanation.

Goddess Box Braids:

Goddess braids are thicker cornets where the hair is firmly twined with the scalp. Typically, the tissues are more defined than normal cornflowers yet quite complete. Its fullness and length add to the goddess’s impression. In recent years the Goddess braiding has been a popular type of braid style.

Goddess box braids

Knotless Box Braids:

Knotless twists are a classic three-strand twisting braid. Your hair is split into smaller pieces like box braids or in a triangle shape. However, the tiny knot that begins from the root of the traditional braids boxes does not include knotless braids. This knot is traditionally used to tie braided hair.

High Bun:

A high bun is a safe method to make your everyday hair routine elegant. Sophisticated enough to wear, but yet glamorous sufficient with the girls for a night out. It’s the flexibility that makes us so fond of it.

Haircare After Getting Box Braids

Box braids, like all protective styles, are designed to be maintenance-low, and when it comes to styling your hair, Bix Braids cum you some slack. But upkeep is necessary to maintain your braids appear fresh and feel longer. The most important care need is hydration: Yes, even if your hair has extensions, it still requires moisture!

If you are planning on washing your braids with shampoo, you need to be more careful. You want to prevent harsh movement or to scrape while you clean. Focus initially on purifying the skin and then slide your hands downwards to clear your braid length smoothly. Suppose a cleanser or skin cleanser is available, which can be used to guarantee that all dirt and waste is removed from the skin with one tip of the nozzle. You don’t need padding in most situations, but if your ends require extra padding, apply a dollop of padding to your ends!

It would be best if you did not take much care during the first few days of your braiding, but you will still have to look after your scalp as time goes on. A little oil will make wonders to prevent and encourage hair development by keeping the scalp hydrated. If you need to keep your edges straight, apply a mild hold edge control. It is helpful to prevent too much hair buildup using benign style devices. (Heads up edge controls are too often for hair loss since the alcohol in the product might dry and damage the hair).

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